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Feb 26- Quick note about these computers. They're yours. Well, not literally... but the nice thing about this room is that both the desktop and rack-mount machines you work on are only used by you. Feel free to "play around" with them... those of you who have experience with Linux know that you don't learn anything when things work... you learn when things go wrong. Experiment, play, try... just make sure you have a decent kickstart file in case you _really_ break something. Other than that... enjoy them.

Feb 25- The Unisys guy is coming today. Please don't hassle him too much about the GIF/LZW patent issue. Or do... it might be funny :). They pay me, so I can't say anything...

Feb 11- IMPORTANT: Attendance. As you know, we're very casual when it comes to attendance. If you want to skip practicals, you can do so... but it's definitely at your own risk. Keep in mind: this stuff is all practical. Furthermore, the midterm exam will be taken almost completely from the lab practicals (just in reverse: instead of "do this" it'll be "what do you do to achieve X"). Just a heads up.

Feb 11- Uh oh... two excuses in a row. Third time's a charm... hopefully. This weeks notes are also going to be delayed... but this time for a happy occasion. My sister gave birth to her second child, another boy, earlier this afternoon, and I was up in Englewood visiting.

Feb 5- I was sick yesterday, and didn't get a chance to write up any notes. I'm doing that now (8:20am)... and done (9:05am).

Jan 28- User Accounts. Your accounts on capone have been created... ssh to capone, then ssh to your unisys machines. Your initial passwords are the special permission numbers you used to register for the course. What's that you say? You didn't save it? (Neither do I.) Well, I have a list of them on my "desk", and I'm sure Alexei has them available as well. Your login is the same as the username from the email you submitted when registering... they're all eden accounts, except one remus and one pegasus (I think you know who you are). If you're having trouble, as always, feel free to ask me or one of the other TA's for help.

Jan 27- OK, I think I have a plan for this site. Partially, it'll be supplementary notes to what goes on in class (i.e., things in the lecture that I think might not be as clear as they can), and partially just some outside points. These irrelevant sections will not be required for the course, nor are they guaranteed to be useful to you right now. I can, however, guarantee that most, if not all of them are things that I've used fairly recently, and think are worth knowing. In Linux (and Unix), there is often many ways to do things, and it's good to have an idea of what's possible, and how to do it.

Jan 21- It's still early in the semester, and I'm not sure what (if anything) I'll be doing with this page. Possibly, I'll be putting up some notes on the material if I think there's anything worth knowing that was not covered on the main course website. If I have any other observations, they'll be here too. Don't worry, nothing official will be posted here, so feel free to ignore this stuff without repercussions.

Useful Links

Newest First...

Subnet Guide

Nano. The EZest editor around. Don't let any 31337 types see you using this, but I like it. Seriously-- learn another editor, but until then, nano is fun (it's like pico on steroids).

VI Quick Reference- Printable

A nice Intro to VI

Quick Reference for Emacs

Textbook On-line. You don't have to buy this, but it's a great reference to have around.

Linux Documentation Project. Where HOWTO's and FAQ's live.

Search Usenet. 20 years of archives, most every "how-do-I-do-this-in-linux" problem ever had been found, solved, refound, resolved, and beaten to death at some point. Many of them are here.

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