Windows Networking

Password Synchronization

This is a fun little issue. The problem is that both NTLM (Windows) and Unix password hashes are one-way, meaning you encrypt a password, then store that. You then encrypt a password attempt, and if the encrypted hashes match, the passwords must match. (In other terms, save crypt(pw). Test if crypt(attempt)==crypt(pw), if so, assume attempt=pw). There are many good reasons for this, but the downside is that there is no way to have windows and linux keep a common logon, unless they are encrypted using the same scheme. If you set "encrypted passwords = no", then Windows will send the shares passwords in clear-text, which can be checked with the linux passwd file. To have domain logins shared, you've got a bit more of a task, since they are always sent encrypted.

Dual Booting

This way lets Windows handle the dual boot. This is probably a safer idea, given the use of NTFS. The alternative is to let LILO/GRUB handle it. Bonus experience points if you're familiar with one or both of these methods. For a FAT partition, I'd definitely use the lilo bootloader... for NTFS, having Windows take care of things is probably simpler. If you get into trouble-- fdisk /mbr from windows, or linux rescue and reinstalling the linux boot loader should help you out.
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