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New Hebrew Dates (2.0) released!

When it rains, it pours...

I just rewrote most of HebrewDates. The new version is 2.0.0, and is available at the Hebrew Dates release page.

There's basically no reason to use yesterday's 1.0.4 release.

New features:

  • Complete rewrite of the date identification; much more reliable
  • Code actually looks slightly sane now. I'm no longer embarrassed for someone to look at it (although it's not great...)
  • New get_the_hebrew_date() and the_hebrew_date() APIs, which can be used in any theme. The interception of the other calls, while much more robust now, still is not the ideal

Please let me know if there are any bugs. Archives should work, and some weird date formats should also be better (I no longer rely on PHP's strtotime, but have my own parsing logic).

20 Responses to “New Hebrew Dates (2.0) released!”

  1. KosherJava says:

    Thanks for the update. The replacement of single and double quotes with Geresh and Gershayim makes the date display much more visually appealing. I also confirmed that it works with the new default 2010 theme.

  2. […] it here. I'd like to thank Mike for a wonderful work. Keep on going! Say some words to Mike here. AKPC_IDS += "376,";Popularity: unranked […]

  3. I'd join to KosherJava thanks.
    Great job.

  4. Mike Miller says:

    Thanks. With 2.0.3, I think I finally have a version that "just works".

  5. Robert says:

    Hi Mike,

    I tried to use your plugin "Hebrew Dates in WordPress" but it "killed2 my website. Instead Hebrew date I got just line where it should be, nothing more on the screen. I deactivated your plugin, website works again. Any idea?

  6. Robert says:

    Thanks for response. I'm using Wynton Magazine theme (you can find it here http://wp-themes.der-prinz.com/wyntonmagazine/) – my website you can find @ http://www.jewishiphonecommunity.org; and yes I took plugin just from my WordPress' dashboard.

  7. Webmaster says:


    […]New Hebrew Dates (2.0) released! « mikeage.net[…]…

  8. jd says:


    I don't know if you still work on that project but I have an issue :
    My website and the date format are in french, so the hebrew date is always wrong.
    For now, my solution is to disable the localization of date with a piece of code but the Gregorian date appears in english…
    Do you have an idea, how i can have the Gregorian date in french, just like without the plugin ?

    Thanks !

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