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Hebrew Date v1.0.1

Based on an idea I "borrowed" from Jacob Fresco, I've added the ability to insert the current Hebrew Date (with sunset correction!) anywhere in a theme.

Simply add <?php if (function_exists('hebrewDateCurrent')) { hebrewDateCurrent();} ?> to a theme.

The code can be downloaded Hebrew Dates release page under the Software section.

The code needs some major cleanup, but not today...

4 Responses to “Hebrew Date v1.0.1”

  1. KosherJava says:

    Looks Great. One minor thing I would change would be to have the hebrewDateCurrent use the config settings, so that if I opted for Gregorian-Hebrew, it would show both.

  2. KosherJava says:

    Actually, just using <?php echo the_time(); ? > (I give up on trying to format this properly) will echo the time using the plugin, so the extra work of hebrewDateCurrent is useful only if you want to only display the Hebrew date.

  3. Mike Miller says:

    Two good points. I deliberately did NOT use the config settings, b/c there's already a way to display the Gregorian date/time, and since the user has to modify the theme anyway, I figured they can put in what they want. I hear your point, though.

    BTW, to format, use <code allow="none"> blah </code>

  4. KosherJava says:

    I posted the official notice of the new plugin home at WordPress Hebrew Date Plugin Has a New Home and added updates to the various pages on my site.

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