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shabbos and potty training

Hi again,

Shabbos in Efrat was "lots of fun" (Pessie). Pessie was scared to Nala but it took her less time to warm up...she even scratched her tummy. Although Pessie had a few accidents, she always stopped herself and finished in the bathroom...thats an improvement. (it also avoided the embarrassment of having your child pee in someone else's house. On the bus she wore a diaper. When we came home she asked to potty, and went, and I realized that her diaper was totally dry. (about one and a half hours). She is getting there b'h. Of course the treats help as well. (she got chocolate milk for the bus ride dryness)

Aunt Susie got the girls nice chanuka presents, which was good because we didn't bring any toys with us. Aviyah and Haley had fun with Pessie. On Shabbos they sat at the kids table...although Pessie was the only one who sat the whole time. She was happy as long as there was food on the table. Shraga and Rivky played ball together.

We stayed at a neighbors house and I even WROTE A THANK YOU NOTE. I wonder whom I'm emulating?

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  1. Mom and Dad says:

    Chaya Tova,
    WE all loved the new pictures and the most recent post. Thanks so much for sharing . The Latka aprons were adorable.

    ps I will write you an email, now.

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