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toilet training take 2

OK, After Pessie's nap today (assuming that she will fall asleep) she will put on big girl underwear. I'm hoping that this time she will not need to go as often and will be able to use the bathroom properly.
Rivky is really cutie. She claps all day. My neighbor watched her for a bit today while I picked up Pessie and her three year old, Chedva tried to teach Rivky to hop 🙂

Chanuka vacation started to Rivky yesterday and for Pessie today. Is it wrong that a week with the kids scares me? Its been rather cold and rainy, I hope that it will warm up soon so that we can at least go to the park.
We went to a chanuka ulpan party last night. I was very nice. They had a performance for the kids. Pessie sang along nicely, and spun around like a sivevon. Mike was able to come home early yesterday and light on time. Unfortunately it seems like it will not happen today. We are trying to find a babysitter for one night this week but it looks like it wont happen any time soon...oh well.

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