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Best friends

Hi again,

I'm sitting in a house that is perfectly quiet. It feels very strange and not good strange. I miss them. I took the morning off from Ulpan partially because I was feeling very stressed over shabbos partially because they are showing a one hour movie of the UN voting for the establishment of Israel -- boring. Its amazing how much I can get done without the kids around.
In one hour I made two potato kugels, two carrot kugels, cucumber salad and cabbage salad. Thats without rushing.

Rivky started her first day at "Ayala's Mommy's house" (Pessie's friends mother). She will stay at Gail's for a month until being transfered to the Gan where Pessie was last year. (She has to be 10 months that) I wasn't thrilled with the place Rivky was before. She cried when we drooped her off...I hate that. Hopefully it will get better soon.

Pessie gave me a hug yesterday and said "we best friends!". It was sooo sweet.

We are trying to arrange professional pictures of the kids...I'll keep you updated.

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