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Well this was an interesting shabbos. We played "Settlers of Catan" three times....I lost all three times. Midinat Yeladim was really fun. We came very early on a Friday so we were the only ones there. We have pictures posted. We were hoping to picnic there but there was no where to wash and no where to sit. It had a outhouse type thing instead of a proper bathroom...welcome to Israel. Pessie had a great time anyway. Rivky had a great time with the plastic cup we brought and well as an end of a roll. I decided that I want a moon bounce instead of a bed. It was so comfortable. I tried to nap there but Pessie kept saying "up mommy no sleep". Speaking of posted pictures we also have pictures of the girls in their shabbos clothes. I love the dress that Pessie is wearing and wanted to show it off. Hopefully today we will go to gymboree with the girls.

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