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Hebrew Date v1.0.1

‍‍י״ד מרחשון תשס״ז - Sunday, November 5th, 2006

Based on an idea I "borrowed" from Jacob Fresco, I've added the ability to insert the current Hebrew Date (with sunset correction!) anywhere in a theme.

Simply add <?php if (function_exists('hebrewDateCurrent')) { hebrewDateCurrent();} ?> to a theme.

The code can be downloaded Hebrew Dates release page under the Software section.

The code needs some major cleanup, but not today...

Hebrew Date 1.0.0 Released

‍‍י״ב מרחשון תשס״ז - Thursday, November 2nd, 2006

As you may have seen earlier, I'd picked up development of the Hebrew Date plugin from KosherJava. Today, I'm officially releasing version 1.0.0. Much of the logic is rewritten, but most of the credit goes to KosherJava!

To install, download the plugin (from here),activate, and enjoy!

There are lots of fun config options under the options tab. Specifically, in order to use the sunset correction (evening dates will have the correct Hebrew date), you need to provide a latitude and longitude.

Please note that this code has only been tested on WP 2.0+. It may work on 1.5, but I'm not sure.

Serial Port Data Logging

‍‍י׳ מרחשון תשס״ז - Wednesday, November 1st, 2006

I recently needed an application to save data from a serial port to a text file. Although most terminal emulators like ProComm can handle this, it's quite a lot of overhead for such a simple task. I came up with the following solution, which works for Windows only (b/c 90% of the interesting code is the low level serial interface, it would be totally different on Linux).

The code can be downloaded as either source code or a compiled EXE from the LogSer release page under the Software section. To compile the source for yourself, simply run cl LogSer.cpp to compile with MS's Visual Studio command line compilers.


Identifying Big Endian or Little Endian Progmatically

‍‍ה׳ מרחשון תשס״ז - Friday, October 27th, 2006

Most (99%+) of microprocessors available to the consumer and/or embedded market are either Big Endian or Little Endian; this almost never actually matters. However, sometimes one needs to write endian specific code. Here's how to have code identify if it's running on a big endian or little endian machine:

Duff's Device

‍‍ד׳ מרחשון תשס״ז - Thursday, October 26th, 2006

No C programmer can call himself (or herself) a real programmer without having seen (and been amazed by) Duff's Device. It was invented as a more efficient alternative to regular loop unrolling used in copying bytes from memory to a register (each byte went to the same address in memory), by handling the case when there are "leftover" bytes after a full unroll.

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