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miss popularity

‍‍י״ט אדר ב' תשס״ו - Sunday, March 19th, 2006

Pessie went to a four year holds birthday party yesterday. She was the only two year old there. She loved it. On Friday she is going to a three year old's party. I just can't keep up with this girls social calender...and she is just two!

Rivky is going through a cold chulent faze. She loves it.When life gets you down get a bowl of leftover chulent goop...whatever makes her happy.

pro pictures taken

‍‍ב׳ טבת תשס״ו - Sunday, January 1st, 2006

Today we took pictures of the girls. There were so many cute one that I had to buy all 200. (I hope that Mike doesn't kill me). We don't have too many good ones with the both of them because Rivky was kvetchy in the beginning and Pessie was kvetchy at the end. But we do have some adorable ones of both girls individually though.

EDIT: We've posted the ones we printed and the extras.

shabbos and potty training

‍‍א׳ טבת תשס״ו - Saturday, December 31st, 2005

Hi again,

Shabbos in Efrat was "lots of fun" (Pessie). Pessie was scared to Nala but it took her less time to warm up...she even scratched her tummy. Although Pessie had a few accidents, she always stopped herself and finished in the bathroom...thats an improvement. (it also avoided the embarrassment of having your child pee in someone else's house. (more…)


‍‍כ״ט כסלו תשס״ו - Thursday, December 29th, 2005

Well potty training still in full swing. AAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRR! Sorry I had a bit of a stressful day. Spending all day with my kids is definitely hard work. On that note, I'm looking into attending Bar Ilan next year. I'm not sure how practical that is but I'm trying to find out. It's a bit frustrating but I'm hoping it will work out.

Going to Efrat tomorrow. I hope that I don't feel as queasy on this trip as I did last time. (no I'm not pregnant) The bus to Efrat is being canceled as of January first...luckily thats Sunday 🙂

Still waiting for emails (eh hem)

toilet training take 2

‍‍כ״ה כסלו תשס״ו - Monday, December 26th, 2005

OK, After Pessie's nap today (assuming that she will fall asleep) she will put on big girl underwear. I'm hoping that this time she will not need to go as often and will be able to use the bathroom properly.
Rivky is really cutie. She claps all day. My neighbor watched her for a bit today while I picked up Pessie and her three year old, Chedva tried to teach Rivky to hop 🙂

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