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PSA: Spice & Spirit Cookbook and Meshichistim

‍‍י״ב תשרי תשס״ז - Wednesday, October 4th, 2006

Just as an FYI

We sometimes make use of the treasury of recipes that is Spice and Spirit of Jewish Cooking. This cookbook is published by Chabad, and contains some nice recipes as well as a very good (for a cookbook!) collection of halachos (although not in accordance with the practice of most of North American Orthodoxy, but that's OK).

I noticed in the introduction that they make reference to the Rebbe shlit"a (needless to say, they don't translate the acronym). This bothered me, but after all, it's a cookbook, and it's probably just an editing leftover from the days when the Rebbe zt"l was still alive.

I recently noticed that in the back, however, they refer to the Rebbe MH"M. MH"M, for those that don't know, are my initials in English, which goes well with my Hebrew name of Menachem Mendel (Tzvi, but we'll ignore the addition). More to the point in this context, MH"M also means "Melech HaMoshiach" in Lubavitch parlance.

Caveat emptor. I'm not saying this is a bad thing, per se. Just be aware.

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