What is this, and why

Until now, if you wanted to send email from a non-rutgers address, you had to use the mail server specified by that provider. Unfortunetly, many free email providers don't provide SMTP (outgoing) servers, and some ISPs, like Verizon, don't let you use their servers to send non ISP mail, even if you are a subscriber. This page will allow you to do two things.

Certificates (needed for both features)

The first step is to install these two certificates, one for soemail, and one for soesmtp.

First, click one of the above links in Internet Explorer (note: don't use Mozilla; alternatively, use Mozilla, save to disk, and double-click). If you have an Open/Save Dialog, choose open. You should see the following window:

Click on Install, and you should see this

Click Next, the defaults are fine, click next again, then finish. You should now have the following screen:

Now, repeat the process for the other link. You should install certificates for both soemail and soesmtp.

Picking Up Email

You're done.

Relaying email

You need to tell Outlook Express to relay mail through soesmtp, using SSL, and not using "Secure Password Authentication" (don't worry, SSL is more secure).

Assuming you have an email account set up (like I do in this example), go to Tools -> Accounts

Choose your account, and click on "Properties". Choose the "servers" tab, and fill in the Outgoing mail as shown. Also, check the "My server requires authentication box on the bottom

Click on the "Settings" button next under "Outgoing Mail Server" and choose "Log on using", entering your account name and password.

Once that's done, click on the "Advanced" tab, and select SSL for your outgoing mail

You're now done. Enjoy the email server!