All software is found in /root/smc, or some subdirectory therein. The interface software (the important stuff) is in /root/smc/interface. Source can be found in the src subdirectory. The software was written in GLADE (a GUI for creating GTK+ applications), and the project file is Compiling this software should be obvious.

Running the software

The software requires .smcrc in the CURRENT directory. That means you should NOT do the following:
make ; cd src; ./smc
BUT do this instead:
make ; ./src/smc
It's a tiny bug fix... I advise it to be made.

The .smcrc file is actually pretty well commented. What I would do is use the clock2 file in the parent directory to adjust the motors to the 0 state, then edit .smcrc to reflect positions 0,0,0,0,0,0. Note that this is NOT a good place to start a rough physical alignment from-- use the cented position for maximum mobility.

Under clock2, always use speed 12. There's no harm in slower speeds, but 12 is the fastest.

The program assumes that projector one is at positions 0-5, projector 2 is at 6-11, etc. This may become a problem when the second board comes into play-- since board #1 has slots 0-31, and projector 6 will use slots 30,31,32,33,34,35, where 30 and 31 are on one board, and 32-35 are on another. The solution would be to tell it to add 2 to all motors for projectors 6-10.