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Updated Serial Logger (LogSer)

As a followup to the initial LogSer post, I'm releasing this version.

It supports selecting the baud rate (via -b <rate>) and the parity (-p <string>, where string is something like 8n1, 7e2, etc).

Compilation remains the same as the original:

Downloaded as either source code or a compiled EXE from the LogSer release page under the Software section

2 Responses to “Updated Serial Logger (LogSer)”

  1. wernst says:

    Hey, sorry to leave a comment about Rockbox here, but since I don't see a "Contact Me" link… I keep getting "File not found" errors when I try to download any of your iPod Rockbox builds or the launcher. Little website error? Thanks for looking into it.

  2. Mike Miller says:

    Sorry 'bout that… it's fixed noww!

    I'm in the process of rearranging some things, and I had a bad line in .htaccess. It's fixed now!

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