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yoja…or not

Last night Mike and I went out. Unfortunately I miss calculated the time I told my babysitter and my poor husband had to wait in Yerushalim for me for an hour...oops. Since we didn't have time to go to where we wanted to (Yoja) we went to a new place within walking distance. It was a new cafe and at the time we were the only costumers. It was quiet and relaxing. We had a boy from Pessie's Gan's Grandmother babysitting for us. We had a debate as to whether Rivky really was adorable or do parents always think that their kids are cute. We were going to solve it when she came over but Rivky fell asleep at six and slept until 5 am the next morning so Batya (the grandma) didn't even get to see her. Our luck, Rivky finally sleeps through the night and we weren't there to enjoy it. Pessie wasn't the least bit upset that I left her with a stranger. I had to actualy ask her for a hug before I went. I'm deciding if it's a good thing or not...I'm leaning towards not.
Everyone keep commenting on how smart Pessie is. (I say Duh!) She is saying to funniest, cutest, smartest things. We started walking a different way home from Gan because Rivky is now by a new babysitter. By mistake I started going to old way and Pessie said "no mommy, go new way".
Rivky seems to be very happy at her new place. It's going to be a shame to switch her once again. She now can drink from a sippy cup by herself, although she often would rather just play with it.

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