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shadows and walkpools

Well I have discovered another joy of living in Israel. Since many people can't afford cars we have walk pools. Today was Pessies first day. Chaim's Abba (one day I will finally remember his name- but thats what we call each other Chaim's Abba/Pessie's Ima) took both kids to gan this morning and I brought them back. B'h it worked great.

Pessie has discovered her shadow. Oh, the fun we have with that. She will walk and say 'come shadow come shadow' or attempt to hold hands with the shadow. She gets very upset if the sun goes behind the clouds and the shadow goes away. Try explaining that to a two year old. I finally gave up and said 'if you walk nicely the shadow will come back' and prayed that it would. B'h it did!

For the past two weeks Pessie has been asking for 'Fench Toast'. So I baked challah for shabbos even though its just the two of us so that pessie can have the yummy french toast she liked last time. Mike being his wonderful self made french toast for all of us and Pessie was in seventh heaven. In fact, she ate so much of it that she didn't eat anything in gan all day.

Rivky still isn't sleeping so well but one can hope...and one can pray.

Shabbos was very nice. It was just us and was very family oriented. Friday night both girls were up. Rivky sat in the high chair and pessie sat on a big girl chair on a package of diapers wrapped in a towel so she wouldn't slide. (Maybe Grandma and Grandpa will bring her a booster seat). The kids behaved very nicely. Rivky ate challah, soup, and two adult portions of potato kugel...we were both shocked.

I am still waiting for emails......

2 Responses to “shadows and walkpools”

  1. Mom and Dad says:

    Thanks for the updates. I loved the story of the shadow. MAybe we can find a book about shadows. We are printng some photos now.

  2. mikeage says:

    Be advised that it's much cheaper to print photos at walmart/costco than at home (once you factor in the cost of ink & paper). That said, home is more convenient.
    There's a link beneath each picture to print on shutterfly, but right now, it's $0.29/picture, and shutterfly's regular price is supposed to be $0.19. They're fixing this (hopefully).

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