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She said MAMA!!

Yesterday morning it rained - a lot. In the evening I took Pessie puddle jumping, but all the puddles evaporated!! As you can see in the pictures we found one pathetic excuse for a puddle and she attempted to splash in that.

Yesterday was Night 7 for Pessie and Rivky sharing a room. It was the first night that after the nighttime feeding we brought Rivky back downstairs (instead of just putting her in the pack and play upstairs). This morning I had to run and get Pessie before she could wake up Rivky. Since I was half asleep I fell down the stairs. B"H I wasn't hurt--well, I couldn't be hurt because Pessie kept saying "Mommy mommy MOMMY!"

Mike gets the father of the year award for bathing both kids this morning so that I had time to shower. Go Mike! When I came out of the shower Rivky reached out to me and said "Ma ma" I think she realized that it was me. Yay!! (For those that don't remember Pessie's first word was giggle).

We just started giving Pessie that non-board books and she loves them. (If I have to read Corduroy one more time...) Many of the books were inscribed to Mikey Miller, its very sweet having her read his books. You can really tell which books he liked and which he didn't. Inside some of the books I found his projects...so cute!

Take care

One Response to “She said MAMA!!”

  1. Mom says:

    Oh I like this so much!!!! I enjoyed hearing about the girls. CT, I hope that you are ok. No more falling down the stairs!
    Mazel tov to mike for his award. He is a good guy. Funny, i remember thinking to myself years ago that one day Mike will be able to share his favorite books with his favorite children. I am glad that he is doing that now.What are Pessie's favorite ones???

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